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Cloud Tissa is an international musician with ample stage presence, performing with high energy, precision, and endurance. He is a perfectionist, rehearsing every tid bit of his performance down to its bare core. At the height of his career the Mellow Dee voice musician appeared in different major shows across Europe, America, Asia and Africa and shared stages with internationally renowned artistes like The Wailers, Sly & Robbie, Third World, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube, Angelique Kidjo and many more. Tissa, originally from East Afrika is a Reggae Dancehall artist and resides between Kenya and Austria where he released his last album titled “Physically Fit” an interestingly articulated mixture of different ingredients like Reggae, Urban Afrobeat and hip-hop.

(by Alice G)

“I have witnessed Cloud Tissa perform in multiple locations, with a variety of audiences, and each time, he gives his most professional, high energy, club banging performance. Even when I was his only audience member (due to festival chaos and mix up), he gave me the performance of a life time. In a word, Tissa is stage ready. He is the quintessential shy off stage, wild on stage artist.”

When I first met Cloud Tissa, I had heard he was an international stage musician, performer and entertainer. I expected a huge personality, driven by success, adulation, arrogance, self-centeredness, and perhaps a cinch of drugs, and outrageous outfits. Rather, I met a quiet, shy, and reserved person, with an understated wardrobe. He spoke in a calming, controlled and steady tone. His demeanor was humble and respectful. Though with intense eye contact, the wildest aspect of Cloud Tissa’s presence was his mildly colorful partially twisted, partially loose, natural African mane. We spoke about subjects of our mutual interests. To my surprise, Cloud Tissa asked me more questions about myself, than I about him. Unresolved for me, was how such a reserved and quiet person could be the performer I heard he was…until he hit the stage.

But even his on stage wildness is controlled. He has very strong values, and principles that govern him on and off stage. Cloud Tissa is not a drinker, nor a druggie. He is drunk on the friendships he has built across the world. The various perspectives he has encountered in his travels keep him grounded. And his desire to be present in each moment, to enjoy every second of his blessed life, is what has kept him off the drugs, while still on stage.

Off stage, Cloud Tissa does little to bring attention to himself but much to his ideas. Though quiet, he is strong willed, and is not afraid of a debate, or sharing his most controversial opinion about world and current events. He is a dedicated and perpetual student of life, of people, and of African History. He enjoys making discoveries about Africa’s past formidable civilizations, and former glory. One of his strongest desires is for Africans to reclaim their humanity, by studying their history, and remembering who they truly are, and were.

A kid at heart, Cloud Tissa enjoys a variety of ice creams and cakes. He is especially a huge fan of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. On occasion he can be seen running around the park, joking, and swimming.

With a happy go-lucky attitude, Cloud Tissa is sitting atop cloud nine.


Maisha Records



-1998 Mizizi kbc Tv talent show

Reggae Sunbeat

-1999 Tour with Sali Oyugi and the Hotroad Band

-2002 Wiesen Reggae Sunsplash

-2003 Halamash Festival

-2005 Magic Life Tour with One Soul, Turkey / Tunisia / Germany

-2007 Afrika Tage, Austria

-2009 Tour with Dunkelbunt: Romania, Sweden, Hungary, England, Germany, Denmark and many more…

-2010 Cloud Tissa Tour USA

and many more……


1998 Laumu Single

(no.1 for 4 weeks on Mizizi Kbc Tv)

1999 Its Up To You Single with Rufftone and Eddy Ndaulah

(no.1 on the Metro CloseUp Count Down Charts)

2004 Sunshine Lady Single

(becomes one of the few swahili hip hop songs to be aired on European Tvs and Radios following up to toping the charts in East Africa for months and a highrotation airplay on Channel O, Mtv and many more…)

2006 1st Chapter Album Release

(Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya and Worldwide online Platforms)

2007 Magic in the air Album with One Soul

(released under Magic Life in Austria, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and many more…)

2008 Featured on Tresmonos Album

(fm4 sound selection)

2008 Duet with Hoerspiel Crew on Light It Up

(rotation airplay on Gotv Austria, Fm4, Oe3 and many more…)

2009 Kebab Connection with Dunkelbunt

2010 Physically Fit Album Release

(Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya and Worldwide online Platforms)

2016 Early Dawn single release (Worldwide online platforms)

2016 My Song single release (Worldwide online platforms)

Cloud Tissa says,

“If there was no music i would have invented music, and if there was no music industry, i would have become the music industry.”