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Physically And Musically Fit!

foto by Suse Beck

foto by Suse Beck

written by Bakari Salim /

Now that we know the state of the music industry in Kenya, the good the bad and the ugly, what are you doing or what do you think should be done to change its face?

Like Swaleh Mdoe puts it, its about time we music enthusiasts Tafakari!And we have rolled out heavy to see what can be done via #MusicMatters254 online.Follow the conversations when you get an opportunity.

Anyway allow me to take you through Kenya’s musical journey from where it all began, when Kenyan music was the vibe, and Africa knew this was the place to be and if you made it here, you could anywhere else, they said! 

Music was BIG and people would sing lyric after lyric to each and every song that was released unlike today. Back in the day, the late E-sir was our Tupac or your Notorious and we knew each of his song, like the national anthem, you had to know it word by word, things were cool.

Let me take you back again, way back 98’

Cloud Tissa released his first single Laumu and woah! it spread like gossip in plot 10. This guy was hot and everything he touched worked magically, his songs were instant hits, club bangers that made it to number one spots on chats and radio countdowns. Remember Mizizi on KBC, Metro Fm countdown, he was there and being on radio or TV was huge, this guy was everywhere!Picture that!

Tissa had a collabo with Nameless called ‘Physically Fit’ and what a massive hit it was ask around! Believe it or not to make it through music you have to be fit by all means, this field is not for the faint-hearts.

And talking about fitness and ability to maintain a name and its brand attributes, one must be ready to work it, keep focus on point, at all times…showbiz comes with fame and madness.Many come in only the best survive!

foto by Suse Beck

foto by Suse Beck

So, Where is Cloud Tissa? You wonder?

‘’He is back, back like he never left…oh!my!’’ Insert that Jeff Koinage Voice there..hehehe!

This time around he is here to pick things were he left them at and turn everything around, He says.

It’s what music lovers have been waiting for in a long time Tissa and your timing is right. Well, After more than 300 concerts and 2 albums, time has come for Tissa’s third album, Survival99, along with the internationally renowned roots reggae band “House Of Riddim” with whom Tissa has been working hard in the studio. The album’s 1st single “My Song,” Is out …what a fresh breath!


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